Call for abstracts: 2021 UKNA Symposium, Chiba, Japan

UKNA has just announced a call for abstracts for a 2021 symposium in Chiba, Japan (30 August – 1 September) on Neighborhood Transformation in East Asian Cities: Is “Gentrification” the Right Frame of Reference? 

This event will be held right after ICAS-12 in Kyoto, so for those who will go to ICAS and would like to see a bit more of Japan after ICAS, you may be interested to participate or submit a paper. The symposium is a collaboration between IDE-JETRO (Japan), Nanjing University (China), Saitama University (Japan) and UKNA/IIAS in Leiden.  We seek to challenge the Western-centric term of “gentrification” and explore whether this term covers what is happening in contemporary neighborhood transformation in cities in East Asia, which covers Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. SEANNET contributions are welcome. Deadline for abstracts is the end of January 2021. For more information, please visit:

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