New publication! On rhythmanalysis in Saigon

We are very happy to share news of the publication of Marie Gibert's paper on rhythmanalysis in Saigon (online first) in Environment and Planning C! Full citation: Gibert-Flutre Marie, « Rhythmanalysis: Rethinking the Politics of Everyday Negotiations in Ordinary Public Spaces », Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 2021, Online first. Access the paper here A rundown … Continue reading New publication! On rhythmanalysis in Saigon

Street Names as Method

by Erik Harms The streets of a city, when studied carefully, can unfurl like the pages of a history book. In Vietnam, the history of street names is particularly revealing, because the names themselves have changed with successive precolonial, colonial, post-colonial, American-sponsored, anti-communist, communist, and what might now be called “late socialist,” “post-reform era,” or, … Continue reading Street Names as Method