Upcoming Event:

Case Study 2: Wu Lai, Chiang Mai and Case Study 3: Wat Kae Nang Leong, Bangkok
Time and Location: July 2018 in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand

Previous Events:


December 2017, Surabaya, Indonesia

Case Study 6: Kampung Peneleh, Surabaya, organized by  Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA), Airlangga University, and the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden, the Netherlands
Time and location: December 2017 in Surabaya, Indonesia


Roundtable – The Southeast Asia Neighborhoods Network (SEANNET): Re-Shaping Urban Studies through Local City-Making Knowledge
Time and location: 21 July 2017, ICAS-10 in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Conveners: Rita Padawangi, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore and Paul Rabé, International Institute for Asian Studies, the Netherlands


Conference on “Lanes and Neighborhoods in Cities of Asia organized by ARI/NUS
Time and location: 30 June – 1 July 2016, Singapore