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Locations of all SEANNET case studies


Thingazar Chaung, Mandalay (Myanmar)

The neighborhood around the northern end of the Thingazar Chaung (channel) was likely settled after the British colonial government relocated and consolidated approximately six monastic orders into one compound. Since the late 19th century, a thriving neighborhood has grown up around the monastic complex and is now a mixed income and mixed-use area that houses … Continue reading Thingazar Chaung, Mandalay (Myanmar)

Wua lai, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province. It is 700 km (435 mi) north of Bangkok and is situated amongst the highest mountains in the country. The city sits astride the Ping River, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River. Wua-lai is … Continue reading Wua lai, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Kampung Peneleh, Surabaya (Indonesia)

Surabaya, is the capital of Jawa Timur (East Java), located on northeastern Java island and the second-largest-city in Indonesia. The national government recognizes only the continuous core metropolitan area (Surabaya, Gresik and Sidarjo) as Greater Surabaya (Zona Surabaya Raya) with a population of 6,484,2060 (2010), making Surabaya now the third largest metropolitan area in Indonesia, … Continue reading Kampung Peneleh, Surabaya (Indonesia)