It’s time for a new urban curriculum of Southeast Asia

by and for readers and residents

of the South, North, and shared, porous worlds.

Here we collect resources you may find across our blog’s pages, highlighting pieces that recentre our understanding of Southeast Asia, and sources/centres of knowledge-making.

Methodologies for use from collected SEANNET works

On Rhythmanalysis by Marie Gibert

Pedagogical outputs

Architectural features of the neigbourhood – An online MOOC : An Introduction to Northern-Lanna and Chiang Mai Urban Development by Komson Teeraparbwong for Chiang Mai University


Nov 2020: Masterclass: Research as Empowerment: Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Understanding Cities of Southeast Asia, by Rita Padawangi for Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre
October 2020: City at Eye Level Asia Book Launch and PDF Downloads, by STIPO and ThinkCity with contributions by Huiying Ng and Michelle Lai



Reading Lists and Learning Resources